Frequently Asked Questions



what is showit?

Good question! Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder and hosting platform. Just like Wordpress, Squarepace, Wix… except in our opinion, better! There it total design freedom, so forget all that you know about website builders being annoying to use and needing to know code for it to look remotely good because that isn't the case with Showit.

what even is a website template?

Glad you asked! Instead of starting your website on a blank canvas, a template has already done the hard work for you by designing and building out all the sections, pages, and elements. This means, a ton of time saved, especially when you could be focused on other business building tasks.

What's special about Juliette is that all the sections have strategic copy prompts in place so you don't need to worry about what goes where. It's pretty much plug in your info, and you're ready to go live!

Is there support available?

Yep, sure is. Two options. If you have a small problem or issue with your template feel free to reach out to us and we can help you. Or if you'd like your entire website setup, we have an optional add-on available so you don't have to lift a finger!

How long will I have access to the template?

Forever! You have lifetime access to the template, so don't worry about being under a time limit to upload your content. It's yours!

What do I get when I purchase the template?

All the good stuff! Once you purchase your template, you will receive an email with steps to setup up a Showit account and apply your template. The free fonts will be included, as well as the placeholder stock photography although we recommend you change these to your own content.


How do I set up my template?

Once you have purchased the template, you will receive a PDF post-checkout with a code inside. You will then copy and paste this code into your Showit account where it will then be applied. Easy as that. Follow this Showit step-by-step process to upload the template.

Does this design work on other web builders?

Nope! This template will only work on Showit. But trust me, you're not going to look back once you move to Showit.

What if I cannot figure Showit out?

Don't stress, we got you. We're here to help. Shoot me a DM @designbyroisin or email us directly and we'll see what we can do. Showit also has a super responsive and helpful customer service chat as well as a library of tutorials if you want to go that route. We also have a set-up package add on if you want us to take care of everything.

How long will it take me to customize?

This really depends. If you have all your copy and images ready to go, this can literally take a day. If you're still gathering information it can take a bit longer but you can always hide sections if you want to launch without say, a newsletter section or testimonials.


is the template refundable?

Unfortunately, nope. Since a Showit template is a digital product, you will not receive a refund if you change your mind. However I do want you to have the best experience with the Juliette template and Showit so if you're feeling stuck, please reach out and let's see how we can make your website feel like you!

what else do I need to pay for?

To use the Juliette template, you will need to purchase a subscription from Showit. Juliette will work on the cheapest plan ($19 USD per month). However if you'd like to add a blog to your site you'll need to upgrade your plan. In addition some fonts used in the templates are license only. This means if you would like to use them you will need to purchase that separately here.


can i change the layout?

Yes! The beauty of Showit is that you can LITERALLY change anything your heart desires. From fonts and colours to the exact place on a page you wish to move things. With that said, I have strategically laid out Juliette so all you have to do is slide in your new text and images.

Can I add or remove sections/pages?

As many as you'd like! You can add sections, elements and pages anywhere you'd like on your site. When I say Showit is limitless, I really mean it. The level of customizations are unparalleled to other website builders. Forget being constrained by a fixed theme/template, and let your creativity run wild.