Photograph by: Anna Shvets

custom showit SITE

Jameson Prosthetics is a group of prosthetic specialists on a mission to empower patients through quality and holistic care.

Jameson Prosthetics is a new business that was in need of a website to attract new patients. They were looking for a site that felt intuitive, easy to navigate and modern. Since they're a younger business who wanted to launch quickly and affordably we decided Showit was the best option for their current business goals. With all of that, we built a digital home for Jameson Prosthetics that feels professional yet personable, while highlighting the patient care-focused experience they will receive upon booking with them.

design choices

Jameson Prosthetics' goal is to "utilize a client-centric approach to patient care by supporting the whole patient - inside and out". Their holistic and personable treatment style is what make them stand out from their competitors. We wanted to highlight this through a site that felt warm and welcoming, one that allows the patient to feel heard and understood but still come across as professional. For example we introduced a calming blue/teal colour palette, moving away from the sterile white competition. There are also moments in headlines where key words are in a different typeface to further connect to their audience. Imagery with actual people were used versus device only shots.

Client Testimonial

During the process, Ro asked me something along the lines of "what action do you want a visitor to take when they visit the site?". I hadn't even thought of that, but it is important to have a plan and a way for a site visitor to take action. I'd recommend Ro to anyone, particularly those who are first starting up. As long as you have an idea of what you want your business to be, she will realize it in a website. The use of Asana kept everything organized and aware of timelines and it also facilitated excellent communication.

- Ben Jameson, Founder